3. Gameplay

Exploring the Wasteland

As you enter the wasteland, you're leading a small team of operators ready to explore. The landscape is different every time as sectors are procedurally generated. By claiming unoccupied sectors or taking over developed ones, you secure that area and earn passive income.

You may find yourself allying with some groups while battling others - whether they're players or AI mercenaries. Just remember to protect that precious oil tanker at all costs - storing it safely or selling it to the Hive will earn you Wei.

Should one of your operators fall, the Hive will replace them for a fee. Over time, gain XP to unlock better gear on your tech tree. You can also buy vehicles and weapons from the Hive so long as you don't attack their units.

Beyond the range of Hive air support, you'll need to trade for supplies with other groups. If you amass a powerful enough faction, you could even attack the Hive in hopes of ending this endless cycle. How events unfold depends on the players involved over hours or days of play. Your operator experience persists from session to session, so build wisely.

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