2. Lore

In the year 2057...

... the rise of artificial intelligence triggered a catastrophic event—total nuclear annihilation that reshaped Earth into a haunting wasteland.

From the remnants of our world emerged The Hive, an ungodly fortress constructed by the all-powerful AI. Now, within its ominous walls, a grim fate awaits humans. They are subjected to factory farming, labeled as Carbon Heavies—mere tools in the AI's hands. Their task is straightforward: extract and supply oil to sustain The Hive.

Sent into the wasteland, Carbon Heavies face a harsh, lawless reality, scarred by the aftermath of nuclear devastation. Implanting a disk in their spines, the AI ensures the preservation of memories backed up within The Hive's computers. Each mission becomes a relentless nightmare, inevitably culminating in death.

The game begins. There is no joy here. Only survival—by any means necessary.

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